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When your computer isn’t working the way you want it to or you have a particular need for some IT expertise, we’ll be there to support you. There’s a big range of tasks that computers, including tablet and mobile, are used for and we’re the team to get your tech doing what you want it to do.

  • Help you to get your internet connection up and running
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 or adding more memory
  • Ensure your valuable data and photos are safe and available
  • OSX upgrades and troubleshooting
  • Walk through the latest Windows software to how to update your website
  • Changing to Office 365 or help using OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Setup and configure your new desktop, laptop or tablet including connecting to your printer
  • Get proper security to protect your systems
  • Setting up wireless or improving the signal
  • Clearing viruses and unwanted pop-ups and programs
  • Set up or troubleshoot a network so that files, printers and scanners to be shared
  • From a broken laptop screen to a replacement keyboard
  • Any software issues from setting up new programs to getting the printed output correctly set
  • Setting up email accounts and moving email hosting providers
We anticipate that most computer users would have a setup with the following:


  • A broadband internet connection with the option for both wired and Wi-Fi connections
  • Printing and scanning functions available when required
  • Security of the computer should always be paramount and its not just about having antivirus installed but having it configured properly too.
  • Keeping your files, photos and all your data both safe, secure and always available is important with regular backups key.
  • Using the correct software programs and using them efficiently and effectively gets work completed on time.
Whether you need some tips on buying a computer, help installing a network, assistance troubleshooting an existing problem, or advice on setting up and promoting your website, just give us a call.