We recently caught up with a customer over a beer. Our customer’s shout to me as I approached the bar to “get a proper job” was a reference to the beer he wanted, not his displeasure at the service that we’re providing.

We got the business chat out of the way first – their IT is working fine however he had recently been on an IT security seminar and so we discussed that. I spoke about my recent presentation at B49 networking and he told me a couple of interesting things from his.

Toasters connected to the Internet

Crumbs, my toaster is online!

His presenter spoke about the Internet of Things (IoT) – all devices connected to the internet so that we don’t have to get out of our chairs ever again (that’s my quote at the end!)
Of course inter-connected devices definitely have a lot of positives. However, the more devices are connected, the bigger the potential there is for security vulnerabilities. The presenter spoke about the potential security flaws that there will be, for example with toasters connected to the internet. I can’t find any toasters with internet access for sale at present but the point was that if the toaster is on WiFi and not secure, a hacker could connect to the toaster and then on to your network.
Hacking children’s toys was also mentioned and of course there have actually been reports of that happening with toys made by Vtech and potential security issues with internet connected Barbie dolls.

The other worrisome statement “everything can be hacked” connects rather badly with the IoT doesn’t it?
What’s Santa bringing you for Christmas this year? Anything that will improve company efficiency or perhaps make your lifestyle more convenient? If it’s an all singing and dancing smart fridge or toaster, let us know. We may be able to help to configure it or maybe we can be social and just say More tea Vicar?