Moore’s law states, basically, that overall processing power for computers will double every two years. I’m not sure what the law is that refers to the growth in the capacity of disk drive sizes or even if there is one.

Don’t let your data go to the dump

We’ve had calls from customers who have had failing hard drives in desktop PCs, laptops and NAS drives. The latest failure is a NAS drive that has a single 3Tb drive in and no failover – it fails, the data is gone. Ben has spent hours trying to recover the data off the hard drive. A plethora of options including connecting the NAS to different hubs, connecting the hard drive to a Windows and Linux PC and Mac,  via USB and directly connecting the drive as a secondary disk and also using specialist recovery software.
Trying the easy things first and gradually escalating the complexity of the potential solution. Of course, there are specialist data recovery experts who may charge anything from a hundred or so pounds to thousands. Can a small business warrant that cost of recovery?

How long did it take the customer to accrue that data and what is the financial and personal value of the data?

Whatever the original cost to the customer, we’ll minimise the cost of recovery to something more manageable knowing that the time we’ve spent really makes a difference.

BTW, if we can, we’ll talk to the customer about their NAS drives, USB drives, storage and backups to mitigate a disaster from, well, being a disaster.