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Managed IT

(From £59.50 per month)

With our Managed IT Services, you get our IT expertise and knowledge as if we were apart of your in-house team.

IT Support

(From £50 per hour)

When your computer isn’t working the way you want it to or you have a particular need for IT, we are there to support you.

Web Hosting

(From £5.75 per month)

UK Based Servers and local personal support, leave the technical stuff to us and concentrate on your business – what you’re good at!

Web Design

(All websites are custom built)

We can create your web presence which sells you to your customers and gives them the information they need.


You have a business to run and manage.

You don’t have the time to troubleshoot network problems, ensure your software is up-to-date, back-up your data, work out why a website you visit is behaving oddly – the list can be long and repetitive.

When you have a problem, you save money by attempting to do-IT-yourself – at the cost of losing time and money because your time and effort is directed away from your core business tasks.

We understand small businesses and we’re here to provide the IT support that you need, when you need it.

Our mission:

To become part of your team by operating as your IT department.

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Cost of Computing

Cost of Computing

  This post is aimed at giving you some helpful information when buying a new computer. It occurred to me to write about this subject because we have recently had a number of requests for new PCs with the reasons being varied from a new member of staff to a...

So, what is the Internet, how does it work and what’s a router

So, what is the Internet, how does it work and what’s a router

In an episode of one of my favourite TV comedy programmes, The  IT Crowd (ironically about the staff in an IT department), a prank was played on the boss who actually wasn't IT literate at all: She was told that the "Internet" was a small black plastic box with a tiny...

Cyber crime hits home

Cyber crime hits home

Cyber crime – computer virus infections created for the specific purpose of extorting money has finally, and unfortunately made front page news – infecting NHS computers and other organisations. I’m not alone in asking the question how did this happen? The simple,...